Rreth Nesh

Rreth Nesh

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Rugova Valley — wild and beautiful, a land of ancient traditions and cultures, a place of coexistence between man and wolf, the land of God’s swords where the wolves are more than just animals. It’s a land of unspoken faith, untold and unwritten stories that live among the spirit of Rugova highlanders.

This region is known locally as the Accursed Mountains, which have served as a shelter and a place of protection, teaching the locals about love, pain, suffering, joy, wisdom, and knowledge. These elements are omnipresent, above you, beside you, wherever you go and whatever you do. They watch over you, waiting for your insight and confidence to make that desired decision to stand up and start hiking in this mountain range, to learn more about yourself, to explore and discover the unknown, to unravel your own mysteries, legends, fears, and joys by uncovering the treasures hidden up there millions of years ago.

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